Due date: April 29th  IMPORTANT: Homework value 10/100 points of your grade or 1/10.



Your homework will be basically to complete of watching the Dark serie that we’ve been watching.

To take this basic task a little bit further you’ll write a final report of it giving a feedback and showing up your doubts about the whole story.

• Add a cover with the basic information of the report: School Logo, Your name, Grade, Name of the content that you’re reporting…. «Report: Dark»

• The report must have at least 2 pages (1 for the feedback, what do you think about the story, 1 for the doubts that you could have) write them by your own, text instruction: Arial, 11pt, Line Spacing of 1.5.

• Deliver your report in a folder, all pages printed.


Note: Those jobs that has the same content or found copied will be cancelled, without right of evaluation. Also those one which don’t respect the text instruction. Do your best!

I wish you the best Holidays! Enjoy it and have a great time with your family. God bless you all!


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