Hey guys!

Here are your homework assignments: 

1.- As we talked about it in class and continuing with your speaking project, your homework is to write and describe the 3 future advancements ON YOUR NOTEBOOK. This is to let me know what you will say in your presentation.

2.- Also you must do your presentation with 9 slides in total (3 by each member) and you can add an extra cover slide at the beginning of the powerpoint file. Remember NO TEXT in the slides, just images.

Both tasks will be checked and signed on Monday, 20th.


So you have TWO homework assignments: 1.- the description in the notebook and 2.- the powerpoint presentation (this last one you must deliver it to me in a USB drive or if you prefer you can send it to my email after Sunday 10:00 p.m.  e-mail: writelifes@hotmail.com

Do your best, have a great weekend!

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