Hey guys!


As we talked about it in class, here are  your homework assignments:

1.- To elaborate and send your presentation for the last speaking project to my email, before Saturday, 18th at 10:00 p.m. The powerpoint file must have 10 slides: 5 for the positive things, that you liked from your movie and 5 more for the negative things or things that you didn’t like. Remember NO TEXT in the slides, just images. my e-mail: writelifes@hotmail.com


2.- To elaborate and present your resume on Tuesday, 21st. Try to create a creative and nice look resume, be careful with the orthography. You can check the PDF file that we analyzed in class. Here is it:


Don’t forget that you must present to me a PDF file to check it and tell you if you’ll need to change something, please don’t get to class with the original file word, powerpoint or any other format file, i’m asking a PDF file. Each resume must be different to the template, those resume projects that get the same look, structure, colors, shapes or design will be anuled, this is an individual activity, there’s no way that you copy the project of other classmate.


Do your best, have a great weekend!



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